We understand that when it comes to making a claim, it can be a difficult time.

That’s why our experienced claims assessors have completed a Samaritans training course which provides them with the skills to support your loved ones and take some of the pressure off. We want to help with a stress-free claims process and rest assured that each claim will be treated individually and personally.

What information will you need?

We will need the following when we are notified of an Over 50s Life Insurance claim.

  • Death certificate
  • A Will, if one is held, which must be signed and witnessed
  • The date of the policyholder’s death and the claimants contact details
  • The policy number

Our claims team will let you know if there is anything else needed at the time of claim.

What happens next?

We'll deal with the claim as quickly as we can, but sometimes we need to refer to third parties and this can cause a slight delay. But our staff will always be on hand to discuss the next steps and answer any questions in the meantime.
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