If you receive a call from a Financial Advisor that wants to review your policy, consider the following before deciding how you want to proceed:

Is the caller your current Financial Advisor or the Company / Person that sold the policy to you? Your Financial Advisor / the Company / the Person that sold the policy to you, may call occasionally to discuss if your policy is still meeting your current needs. They will already have access to details about your policy and will be able to discuss and confirm these to you during your conversation
Is the call unexpected or from a Company / Person that is unknown to you?  It is possible that you've been contacted by somebody not associated with your policy or Legal & General. An early indication of this is often that the caller will only have limited information about you (often obtained through marketing databases). They will not have access to your policy details and will ask questions to establish what cover you already have in place. The call may not necessarily be fraudulent, but to protect your identity you may wish to confirm the callers credentials before deciding how you wish to proceed. Registered Financial Advisors will be listed on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) website.

If you have any concerns regarding this, or wish to report fraudulent activity, please contact us. 

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