As a result of COVID 19, to protect our customers and prevent you having to leave your home, we can now accept email copies of birth, marriage and death certificates. These can be accepted as evidence for processes such as a change of name, policy change or claim.

  • For copy birth or marriage certificates, we are able to accept a copy of your document if you wish to send us one but must advise you that this is a breach of Crown Copyright.
  • The copying of death certificates has been made legal under the Coronavirus Act 2020.

Additional Considerations:

You should consider sending any death, birth or marriage certificate to us via secure means. Please be aware that if you choose to send your document by unencrypted email, this is not a secure means of communication and we cannot guarantee that the email will remain private over the Internet. Unauthorised third parties could view or alter the information during transit. 

Legal & General assumes no responsibility if the email is intercepted. We recommend that you securely encrypt any personal information in an attachment to your email.