At Legal & General we recognise that families having to deal with bereavement can find themselves in situations where they face unexpected financial costs, in what are already upsetting circumstances.

That's why we have decided to offer to pay part of the claim amount early and advance up to £10,000 on any valid life claim to cover the cost of a funeral. We feel this is the right thing to do to support our customers and their families at a stressful time.

This is in support of and goes beyond the Protection Distributors Group's 'Funeral Payment Pledge', which called for insurers to do more to help bereaved families, by paying up to £5,000 towards the cost of a funeral if the full policy pay out is likely to be delayed.

Depending on each individual claim and the circumstances; we can pay the funeral director directly on a valid claim if:

  • we are not already in a position to pay out the full claim value
  • the funeral payment is still outstanding

If the Funeral Pledge option is instigated, we will:

  • obtain & verify the details of the funeral director
  • obtain the funeral invoice
  • make direct payment to the funeral director

Policies that could qualify for Funeral Pledge Option:

  • All Life Insurance policies with a bereavement benefit claim

Policies that don't qualify:

  • Policies that are Assigned, Under Trust or subject to Bankruptcy
  • Claims for loss of income (Income Protection Benefit)
  • Claims for a critical illness (Critical Illness Cover)
  • Claims for a terminal illness (Terminal Illness Cover)
  • Claims for Total Permanent Disability (TPD)
  • Claims for Accident, Sickness, Unemployment (ASU)
  • Over 50s Life Insurance plans

We are committed to making life easy for our customers and their loved ones at all times, we are proud of our claims record and process and this enhances our approach further.
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