Bereavement claims FAQs

How long will the claim take?

We make every effort to deal with all claims as quickly as we can. We often have to ask other parties for information to help us consider your claim. We’ll do all we can to get everything we need as quickly as possible. We’ll keep you informed and in some circumstances we’ll ask you to help us speed up the process.

Why have you asked for a medical report?

We also need to understand the cause of death, when symptoms started and whether the deceased had any other conditions.

Can you accept a Coroners Interim Certificate?

We may be able to but not all of the time. Please contact us - click here if you can’t get the death certificate.

Will you return the death certificate once you have seen it?

Yes, as promptly as we can.

I can’t find my original policy document, is this a problem?

No it's not a problem. We're able to provide the policy owner with a relevant declaration to complete instead.

What is a grant of representation?

It’s a court order authorising one or more people to deal with the assets of the deceased person. It’s also called a Grant of Probate, Letters of Administration or a Certificate of Confirmation. We’ll let you know if we need any of these documents.

What is a legal personal representative?

It’s the person named in the grant of representation.

My joint policy has ended due to a claim. Can I get replacement cover?

Some policies have a Replacement Cover feature for the surviving policyholder, which is subject to terms and conditions. Please check your policy documents

If you'd like to know more about replacement cover, please either contact your financial adviser or contact us - click here.

Who can make a claim?

Anyone can advise us of a death.

We can only discuss the detail of a claim with one of the following:

  • If this is a Joint policy (in two names), we can only speak with the policy holder
  • If the deceased has left a will, we can only deal with the named Executors
  • If there’s no will we can speak with the spouse
  • If there’s no spouse then we can speak with any children (aged 18 or over)
  • If the deceased has children under the age of 18, then we can only deal with the named representative
  • If the policy has a title or change ownership we would speak to the trustee, grantee or assignee as appropriate