Waiver of Premium means that you won't have to pay your premiums after 26 weeks if you are incapacitated due to illness or injury and are unable to do your normal job. If you're not in work, we'll use Specified Work Tasks to see whether or not you have to pay your premiums.

Waiver of Premium is optional and at an additional cost. It must be chosen at the start of the policy.

We waive premiums after 26 weeks of incapacity and will continue to do so unless:

  • The life insured no longer fulfils the definition of incapacity, or 
  • The amount of cover has been paid due to valid claim, or 
  • The policy term ends, whichever occurs first (for Whole of Life Protection Plans the option will end at age 60.)

The Terms and Conditions for Waiver of Premium have changed over time and you should always refer to your policy documents for information about your eligibility to make a claim.