COVID-19 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

In light of the recent developments relating to Covid-19, we have compiled a list of FAQ's.

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Is Legal & General still open for business?
How are you considering your employees during the COVID-19 outbreak?


I can't afford to keep paying my premiums. Can you help?
I’ve missed a payment on my policy, what does this mean for my cover? 

New Applications

I'm over 70 and need life cover, will I still be able to apply following the COVID-19 outbreak?
I don't know if I've had or have COVID-19, does it make a difference to my application?
Are you still offering Income Protection?
My policy hasn't started yet, do I need to inform you if I have symptoms or test positive for COVID-19?
I'm due a medical exam/nurse screening, what should I do?
What happens if you require a report from my GP during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Can I apply for life cover without you requesting further medical evidence?

Existing Policies

My cover is due to expire, in light of COVID-19, will I still be able to get cover?
Am I still covered whilst travelling and living abroad with current Government guidelines on travel restrictions?
I have received a letter from my Doctor to advise that I’m in a High Risk Group and advised to self-isolate and not return to work for 12 weeks. Would my Income Protection Benefit plan be invalid if I return to work against the guidance of my Doctor and then subsequently fall ill?


Can I claim for COVID-19?
If I go out during COVID-19 lockdown, will you still payout?
How do I get a death certificate if I'm self isolating?
Does Accidental Death Benefit cover COVID-19?
Are your life insurance policies (whether existing or yet to be taken up) still valid if somebody has one of the three approved Covid-19 vaccines?